Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Letters to God - April 23, 2005

Genesis 1

Dear Creator,

"For purple mountains majesty,
above the fruited plain..."

I think of this phrase of America the Beautiful whenever we drive east from the central valley of California toward Tehachapi.  The Sierra Nevada arise up, deep blue above the desert floor, which at that end of the valley, is green with table grapevines, citrus and nut trees, cherry and peach trees.

Oh, Daddy, it is beautiful!  It is a wonder!  Your handicraft is beyond compare!  Thank you for making earth for us!  Thank you for giving me the eyes to see such grandeur! Last night there was lightning and thunder, fairly unusual in the desert.  
Daddy, what a reminder of your power and the complexity of your creation!  Really, Daddy, you are the greatest and I recognize that living on this earth means being blessed by the Best, blessed by you!

As I ponder your marvelous creation, I like to think how it says something about you, Father God:  that you are beautiful, a wonder, complex, powerful, life-sustaining, marvelous...There are not enough words to describe you!

Thanks for placing me in the midst of you!


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