Thursday, April 03, 2008

Growing Old

As I watch people deal with elderly parents, I began to think about change. I realize I am not very changeable. It's a wonder God could work with me at all. I might have once prided myself on being innovative or adventurous, but truly I only like planned spontaneity. These changes we go through are uncomfortable--especially the role where a person becomes the the caretaker to parents. How does that get turned around so quickly?

It makes me think of when my son, Isaac, was a pre-schooler and he made the statement: "I am going to grow up and get taller and taller. And you will get smaller and smaller." In allegorical terms, maybe that is the way of life. Our children will get more and more capable while our influence and abilities get less and less. Somehow that doesn't seem right.
In heaven, our true selves will be used to their fullest--undiminished.

My prayer for all caretakers: I pray your are well tonight and allowing others to serve you, including our Lord who will strengthen and preserve--completing the work he began in you.