Monday, May 16, 2005


How many times the writers of the Old Testament praise God publicly! I am so impressed with their continual display of God's attributes, thanks for His response to prayer and for the hope and confidence the writer placed in God. Repeatedly, these writers expressed gratitude orally, through song, through prayer, continually even from generation to generation, with all their heart in such a way that it was a public display of affection for their Lord.

Their intent was to let the whole world know of what God had done, to proclaim His greatness over all the earth, to rejoice even in the midst of stress and trouble, to join in His righteousness. The Psalmists called attention to God's salvation, justice, His majesty and glory, His everlasting rule and the fact that God had done something marvelous for them: for being part of God's marvelous workmanship, for giving wisdom and strength, being able to join in righteous living, for good sense, for God's rescue and protection. Through these and many others, the writers extolled the commonality of God's people in receiving these things and God's generousness with His people.

As I read on and on about their ability to praise on all levels, I realize I want to learn to do that, too. I want to learn to examine the day for the evidences of God, the blessings even in trouble, for grace and not focus on my negativity. Life sure looks different that way.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

To Know God #19

To see You as You really are, 

to bear the burden heavy. 

To display it so that You are seen 

and that I can be made ready. 

To not deny the Truth 

nor quench the Spirit’s flow. 

To say I walked the path You set 

along the honest row.