Tuesday, December 17, 2019


1 Corinthians 12:7-27

Here is Paul's famous metaphor of the "body of Christ."  He uses it to help us realize our significance as a unit.  He says we need each other, "all parts of the body are mutually dependent on and care for each other."  If one suffers, we all suffer; everyone is a vital member.  If ever you have stubbed a toe or smashed a fingernail, you know the experience of a seemingly forgotten body part suddenly impacting the entire body.  

And none of us can stand alone.  In The Message by Eugene Peterson, in verse 19, he interprets so we can see the catastrophe of over-exaltation of any given part of the body: "if the body were just an eye or just a hand, it would be a monster."  Some Christians have been monsters trying to be the beginning and end-all of the faith, or of a church, or of a family.  If everyone is a vital member, then none can be the "head," except Christ.

Specifically, Christ wants us to be humble enough to work together under his headship.  It is an act of love on his part to allow us a place to become a working element of the body of believers, no matter how small or large our position may seem.  I revel is the lesser role, the necessary role.  I am not the ultimate answer.  I am not negligible.  I have my place, designed for and assigned to.  I want to rest in that place  and work to be my best in that place.

It may take some trial and error to find that place for ourselves.  Where are our skills best used?  Where is the greatest need or lack within the church?  What wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, teaching, interpretation is needed?  What chair needs folded?  What hand needs held?  What meal needs prepared?

Our coordinated effort is what will call a world's attention to Christ.  Jesus says it himself in John 17:23 as he is praying for us within the relationship between him and the Father  :  "May they be brought to complete unity so the world will know that you sent me and have loved them, even as you have loved me."

Unity.  Unified.  Coordinated effort as a body performs its life functions.  Join in your space in this body and watch the miracle of life as never before!