Thursday, November 15, 2007

What it takes to pray

I had asked God at the beginning of this year to make me better at prayer. He proceeded to make that possible for me. Moving to Houston has afforded me change, challenges and time to increase my prayer time. Then, God placed many needs in front of me for which to pray. The challenges have kept me on my heels, which keep me dependent upon God and constantly in prayer. How grateful I am for this time!

How many of have poetry and stories
inside of us
that we never discover?
The ancients found God’s word, music and reflections
inside of them.

For all we have materially,
we have nothing spiritually.
For all we have spiritually
is drowned by what we have materially.

To take time to discover what is
inside of us
is to take time to discover what is lacking
inside of us.

Is it too scary?
Or are we addicted to the external
in such a way that our bodies and minds
can no longer produce the internal?