Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vacation Wednesday

Hump day at the beach is different than hump day during a work week. At the beach, Wednesday is that day we hold onto; the day we use to replay the week so far, so as to savor it. Never would you do that at work. You would be pushing ahead to savor the coming weekend. Oh, no! On vacation, we push back from the weekend coming, lingering over the day, hoping Thursday will be L O N G though never boring. On vacation, we try to make Friday celebratory, but grieving begins Friday night as parting (not partying) plans are finalized. It's a good vacation when you are not quite ready to leave, but energized enough to do so!! Notes from Sandbridge Beach, VA 2012

Friday, April 06, 2012

Spiritual Markers

There are some great benefits of getting older, one of which is that a person can look back on life with perspective. I have recently began a project of noting the spiritual markers in my life. When Jacob, Abram and several other Old Testament people had a strong encounter with God, they did something to "mark" the event. Often they put together piles of stones. God told the Israelites to make Passover a spiritual marker for the purpose of remembrance.

I have quite a few events that I will never forget because of God's great entrance into a moment or period in my life. I am getting quite a list and it is turning into quite a writing project. God has on occasion entered my consciousness with his voice (in my head), other people, nature, and even through illness. (Jacob's wrestling with God left him with a limp. Me, too.)

I notice that my first few markers are years apart, but as I have tuned my spiritual ear to the voice/movement of God, they happen with more frequency.

I am ultimately looking at how each marker is actually a sign post for where I am to go and what I am to do next. I can see direction in my life in a new sense.

How about you? Where are you going?