Monday, August 13, 2018

Dear Daddy - February 26, 2005

Dear Daddy,

I want to live righteously.  A "right" life which measures up against your standards.  Right now I am measuring my strong emotions with yours.  Do any of us have the right to our feelings?  Did I have the right to be angry?  Did I do the right thing with my anger?  The answer has to be "yes" since my brother, Jesus, demonstrated so many emotions.

I admit my emotions got the best of me, though.  James 1:20 says, "A person's anger does not work the righteousness of God."  It doesn't bring about the righteousness you desire.  So, Daddy, was any of my reaction sinful?

I teach adults in a stressful situation and they often purposefully want to avoid their role in the change situation they are in.  One of my students was rude, tried to take over the class to suit his needs.  I stopped class; I took a pause. I ended class with prayer; I left.  I went back to face my attacker after I calmed down. 

As  teacher with the mantel of authority on me, I felt the need to put limits on his future behavior.  I did the right things but I question myself because of my strong emotional reaction, which I still feel in this moment, hours later.

Daddy, show me where I went wrong.  Lead me to provide teaching and leadership around this incident.  Tell me what to do.

Love, Gina

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