Sunday, December 12, 2021

Ten Supports

 As an educator and therapist, I have come to realize that NO and DO NOT often do not help people know what to DO.  For example, in a school hall, it is much more productive to tell a child to "Walk" as opposed to "Don't run."  "Don't run" might mean I can skip, trot or crawl, which doesn't really lead me to "walk."  

Also, because of human nature, many people just inherently rebel against "Don't," which repels them, while "Do" could attract them to new behavior and thought.  So, I decided to rewrite the ten commandments given by God, which are mostly "do not."  What do you think?

Exodus 20:1-17 

God began to speak directly to all the people (including Moses):  

I am the eternal one, your God.  I led you out of Egypt and liberated you from lives of slavery and oppression.  As a result, remember that I am only for your good, so serve me only.  Let me be the center of your ideology and desire - in your heart where I belong.  Consider me first in all your comings and goings.

Be loyal to me.  Let your love for me, which I will give you and cultivate in you, grow into a passionate loyalty to me and my kingdom.

Love me by demonstrating a commitment to the path I set before you.

When you speak, remember my name is sacred.

Set apart a day of rest so that you can capture a sense of that sacred.  Let your whole household take respite so that my purposes can be focused and directed inside the hearts of all in your household.  I myself rested, you know.

Honor your parents.  How you do so reflects your honor of the Lord and will be reflected into your children.

Value the life of your fellow people - neighbors near and far.

Stay true to the one you marry.

Value the prosperity of your neighbors:  what is his is his.  I gave it.

Let your tongue value truth, especially about your neighbors.  Only tell what is right, obvious and known.

Keep your heart focused and grateful on what God has provided you.  Let it be enough.

Now that list gives me more to do than just avoidance of behaviors.  Rather, a descriptive guidance leads me to growth within the life of God.


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