Thursday, April 14, 2005

Gravity and Gratitude

Gravity is more than the force which keeps my feet on the ground. The gravity of life often draws my attention to the somberness of the trouble and struggle of the day, leaving me enmeshed and mired. Gravity keeps me bent low and my coutenance dragging just below the fresh air God offers. 

On the other hand, it is a heart of gratitude that draws me towards heaven. No travail can hold me, no complexity in life can deter my aim to stay heaven bound. I believe the "secret" (an open secret if we look for it) of successful Christian living is developing a grateful heart where being content in all things (Philippians 4:10-13) and counting it all joy when trials come my way (2 Corinthans 8:1, 2; James 1:2-5) are the rules of the day. The apostle Paul calls it "throwing off all encumbrances." 

The Psalmists often declare in their distress their thankfulness for what God is about to do, depending on His Truth and not the calamity in front of them. Both tell me to free myself of gravity. Gratefulness lifts the burden and raises my vision towards God as I know He is able to do and deliver all things. Gratefulness causes me to seek my Creator and Redeemer to thank Him for pushing me towards the positive.


Anonymous said...

Great entry mom. I

Anonymous said...

I messed up on my last comment. Great entry mom. I try and want to be thankful in all situations. It's difficult at times. Spending more time with God helps.

I just posted on our blog. Check it out - it's very controvercial!!