Friday, June 28, 2024

For Living

 Christ died, he took the entire rule-dominated way of life down with him and left it in the tomb, leaving you free to be in relationship with him and each other so that you could bear fruit (deeds, fruit of one's self, true self, "right" self) and conduct oneself in alignment with your "true north."  Romans 7:4 The Message

When my decisions don't result in right actions, something has gone wrong deep inside me.  I truly delight in God's desires, but parts of me covertly rebel and just when I least expect it, those parts take charge!  Who will help me?  Jesus Christ!  He acted to set me right in a life of contradictions. Romans 7:22-25 The Message

In Christ's presence, we no longer live under this black cloud.  A new power is in operation Romans 8:1-2. The Message

Those who trust God's action and find God's Spirit working in them are the children of God. Romans 8:11 The Message

It's interesting that washing "cleans up" a person's motivations and actions:  we are now clean, clear, justified, translucent, and innocent all the way through.  I do feel contaminated by my involvement in a contentious world.  I wanted to change it; instead, it changed me.  Hose me off!  Get behind my ears!  Rinse out my mouth!

To stay clean, I remove myself from the mud-slinging and, instead, focus on the priorities of justice.  I was oppressed.  I felt attacked.  I felt stripped of safety and I felt the need to protect my country, which in its better days, felt like a vehicle of protection.  Not always today.

I am actually ashamed of it.  Disappointed in that I didn't see it sooner.  I call it out now.  I support the oppressed now in new ways.  The facade of "America" seems to no longer hold for many.  Are we lost forever? Is taking it down the only choice?  

I can't focus on the institution that way.  I must utilize its power for good.  Remember that power shared is power gained and I must join with those in power and those who are marginalized and become as part of the Kingdom of God.  Only you can make it so, Lord.  Amen!

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