Friday, April 22, 2022

The Council of God

 The secret counsel of the Lord is for those who fear him and to them he makes known his covenant.  Psalm 25:14

Here is a reference that is made several times in the Old Testament that is essentially about the company we keep.  With whom do we end up in close deliberations?  With what circle of friends do we engage that provides our foundational beliefs and guidance?  

And what does it mean to have that circle of friends be the LORD almighty?  This word and verse have caused me to enter prayer looking for the viewpoints of the triune God.  The God of the universe who holds foundational authority has something to say to me.  His Son, the co-creator, Messiah and my brother has a word for me.  The Son's revealing, enlivening and engaging Spirit wants to provide wisdom and direction.

I am reverent before them and astonished to be in their circle.  I bow low before their greatness and availability, especially to the fact they want to make known the foundational knowledge of their intent and will for me and mankind.  This is their covenant they want to portray and give to us.

What is this covenant?  Just the commands?  In the original language, covenant comes from a pair of words that engages the communal meal, which is intended to feed, and then dispatches its members into action.  It is the relationship energy of this counsel, which can be seen in other uses in the Old Testament.

Jeremiah 23 (verses 16-17 is about lying prophets) and verse 18 sets the contrast of a different prophet: Who among them has stood in the council of the Lord to see and hear his word, or paid attention and heeded God?  Verse 22:  If they had, they would have God's truth to tell and people would turn away from evil...

Amos 3:7 The Lord does nothing without the secret council, revealing his secret to his servants, the prophets.  (spokespersons, inspired persons).

So, God's movement within people groups doesn't happen independent of those he intends as truth-tellers.  He is working in his prophets who are in deep relationship with the triune-ness of his being and can be trusted to give clear access to the ways of the LORD:

     from God the Father, the final authority;

     through Jesus, His Son and our brother;

     with the Holy Spirit, indwelling and revealing.

I am in awe and reverence of the communal experience and my inclusion in his council, which translates into good counsel for my life, my purpose and God's purposes for the community.  It can turn me into a good prophet, ready to love, first, and vanquish lies and heavy burdens for his people, next.

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