Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Small Bites: Philippians 4:8 - Truth

And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing.  
Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right and pure and lovely and admirable.  
Think about things which are excellent and worthy of praise.
Philippians 4:8

In an age of relativism, authors often question truth.  What truth?  Whose truth?  Changing truth?  How many facts did we once hold dear that fade away?  Paul directs us to give our attention to ultimate Truth.  The lesson here is simple:  It is God's Truth based on reality - that which he reveals is True about Himself.  Revelation.  Demonstrated. All other truth passes or dims in light of His Truth.

What is the Truth about God?

The New Testament reveals the ways and results of this God-Truth:
  • When people discover it, they can't wait to tell it.
  • The purpose of telling it is to expand belief in God himself.
  • That God's Truth can be verified, including the verification of His faithfulness toward those who believe.
  • Truth is a light that will shine into a dark world. (and not add to the darkness).

So, I stay my thoughts on those people and things 
which present God in His truest light, 
that which reveals the most about Him.

Who has shown me God, for real?  Who has demonstrated the Truth of His qualities and presence in the world and in me?  I can name and describe what they have done to show me God, for real.  The people who have loved me long. The people who point out the good possibilities in me, often which I cannot see myself.  The people who have been patient.  Those who have held me accountable. Those who desire God's best for me.  And those who demonstrate the character of God for a hurting world.  Those who have drawn me closer to the Word of God for the Truth for my life. 

What Truth about God is in you?
Who will you tell?

The world's truths will morph, will come and go.  God's Truth about His nature and His complicity in expanding that Truth into the world stays the same throughout the ages.  It is the only hope we have.  The only thing from which we can have peace (Philippians 4:9) in a tumultuous world.

[References:  John 3:33; John 5:31-38; John 19:35; Romans 3:1-4; 2 Corinthians 6:3-10; 1 John 2:8]

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Kirsten said...

Love this becasue when God's Truth gets a hold of us it does show up and testifies of Him in the lives of others!