Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This Disciple's Prayer

Daddy, come from heaven.
May your holiness be present in this day:
in all areas of my life.

Let your kingdom come...
to vanquish my sin
and sate my need for sustenance.

Lead me to you and away from all that would hinder
your presence
your love
your work in my life.

Your rule extends over all --
as can be seen by your power,
enslaved in creation
and used for your glory.

May I be enslaved by you:
let your will and work manifest in me. (Phil 2:13)

Every day into Eternity.


Brad and Lisa said...

Ginae...thank you for always praying for our little girl! It means so much to us! You asked about music on the blog and on my music list there is a place to click and go get your own's just a matter of picking songs and then pasting the HTML code they give you into your blog...hope that helps!!!

GinaE said...

Make it so!