Friday, January 13, 2006

2006 Looking Ahead and Looking Behind

Usually when a new year begins, there is much reflection and accompanying goal-setting for improvement in living the details and demands of life. I think the beginning of this year calls for thanksgiving. I know the official Thanksgiving is placed on the calendar as a feast of harvest, yet the beginning of the new year compels me to reflect with a heart of gratitude, also. I consider that it is just a life, yet a life that is quickened and caressed by the Holy Spirit. It is incredible and scary at the same time. What more yet can God do with ordinary days? I look forward to the telling!!

We were ordinary.
We trod through the days like any
We wore clothes, slept some and ate some.
We loved, wondered like any.

Yet, we were extraordinary.
Responding to God’s great invite
made days seem celebrant
and actions deliberate,
though it only be clothes, sleep and food.

We were loved in such a way
that often we wondered at ourselves.
What Vision fired life deep in an ordinary existence!!

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